Turn Marketing and Sales into Revenue Teams


Return is a platform built for sales teams, and it also is a powerful solution for your entire organization. It breaks down silos, provides insights and data about complex sales cycles, and empowers teams to scale successful content and campaigns. Return is easy to deploy, use and manage, and can grow as your teams do, and your content does. Get in touch to see a demo and learn more.

Business Intelligence Engine Features

Find 360

NLP context analysis that finds best existing content and grows smarter over time, empowering scale and speed

Connect 360

Collaboration Platform that scales content creation across the enterprise, increasing sales velocity

Predict 360

Microconversion signaling that learns from customer reaction data and becomes predictive       

How can we work better, together?


With distributed sales and marketing teams, finding what you need, when you need it, is increasingly challenging.

Collaboration tools take too long to use, and sales enablement software takes a massive amount of time and energy to implement and train your team on. 

Deals happen over the course of many months, through hundreds of touch-points between your team and the buyers.

Return shows you what is working, who is winning, and how to break down silos and close deals faster and more effectively.

Use customer signals to drive content creation

Return surfaces existing content quickly based on customer data, then organizes it based on performance and customer insights to drive a highly personalized response.

Enable deal velocity through collaboration

Easily find and connect content creators across your enterprise to decrease response time, while keeping your message more cohesive and consistent.

Clarify funnel activity and customer behavior

Understand the long sales cycle using microconversion signals that take less than 10 seconds to capture, providing real-time buyer team insights that can be leveraged across the entire enterprise.

Sales Enablement Just Got Smarter

Sales teams are only as effective as the speed at which they can operate, and the quality information and content with which they are provided. They need things, and they rarely can find what they need. Even worse, they are expected to solve these very pressing issues by learning complex and cumbersome software solutions, which often don’t deliver on their promise.

Track success in 10 seconds or less.

Your team needs quick access to every piece of content provided to them, whenever they need it. And they need to know that what they have found is the most up-to-date, and most successful piece of content for them to use to advance their opportunity.

Return tracks success where it happens, and when it matters. Stop wasting time analyzing email open rates and click numbers. Start tracking the micro-conversions that move deals forward, as they relate to individuals and the content they are using.

See if Return is right for you.

A better experience for your teams, immediate savings for your
organization, and more informed audiences.