Return was founded on the belief that software should bring people together and make things better.  Our solutions meet humans where they are, and break down silos to empower insights, action and success.

We believe that technology must work for people, not the other way around.

The Return team is composed of past founders, creatives, technologists and strategists. We’ve all lived the problems we are now solving. We believe in the power of elegant, data-driven solutions and insights.

Everybody in an organization is responsible for creating opportunity. Every function must be a profit center. Every KPI must be connected to a business outcome.

Return was founded on that vision. Our sole focus is on helping complex organizations simplify the way they communicate with their customers. Simplification creates efficiency and helps drive opportunity. It can also help us to work together as one organization – and have fun doing it! 

All of our passion and focus is centered on harnessing that experience to help our clients achieve their Return.

Greg Dvorken – Founder and CEO

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Greg has 20+ years of leading marketing  communications innovation for Fortune 500 brands including Verizon, IBM, Qualcomm and Sony. He recently was a leader in the global technology practice at the world’s largest marketing communications agency.

All of Greg’s programs have been focused on generating true business outcomes for his clients, such as leads and conversions, as opposed to exclusively volume and awareness metrics.

The start of Return comes from Greg’s passion in helping organizations save costs and close deals faster.

Greg exited his first start-up through acquisition by Omnicom (OMC, NYSE).

Tracey Halvorsen – Co-Founder and CXO

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Tracey founded and grew an award-winning digital agency, Fastspot, prior to exiting and co-founding Return. She developed strategies and technologies for clients such as Yale University, ConocoPhillips, the International Spy Museum, Johns Hopkins, and Brown University.

Tracey led the creation and evolution of the popular open-source content management system BigTree. This software is used by clients such as Breckenridge Financial, Sheppard Pratt Health Care Systems, Maryland Institute College of Art and the American Beverage Association, among hundreds of other nationally established organizations.

Her true passion is in exploring the intersection of creativity and innovation. As Return’s Chief Experience Officer, Tracey is focused on positive customer experiences that fuel business success.

Will Davis
Lead Integration Advisor

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Will has spent more than two decades focused on B2B marketing strategy and execution, as well as building some of the world’s largest, most complex and integrated marketing technology platforms. His additional background as a content marketer gives him a unique 360-degree view into the challenges Return’s clients have experienced from both a technology and distribution standpoint.

As Return’s Lead Integration Advisor, Will is responsible for building Return’s technology integrator partner channel and implementing Return’s certification process, which will ensure the most cutting-edge and consistent experience with the software and its latest features.

He will also lead Return’s customer insights teams in capturing valuable user data which will be reflected in all future product updates.

Sarah Jennings
Lead Product Advisor

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Sarah is a nationally recognized digital handy-person with over a decade of experience in the creative world. 

As an early leader in mobile advertising, she helped design and develop some of the first ads to ever appear on mobile phones. In addition to creating thousands of ad concepts for brands like Coca Cola, McDonalds and Disney, Sarah managed a team of 32 internationally distributed designers and engineers, and built a sales assistant program that helped non-technical people talk comfortably about very complicated things. 

She then started a product innovation team for a $126 billion telecommunications company which focused on rapid prototyping and its potential applications throughout the company.  

Sarah oversees Return’s product evolution and development.

As Return’s Lead Integration Advisor, Will is responsible for building Return’s technology integrator partner channel and implementing Return’s certification process, which will ensure the most cutting-edge and consistent experience with the software and its latest features.

He will also lead Return’s customer insights teams in capturing valuable user data which will be reflected in all future product updates.

Lindsey Cobb
Growth Advisor

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Lindsey began her career as a top performer in RSA Security’s renowned Inside-Sales team, where she distinguished herself exceeding revenue targets and winning pitch contests for new product launches. She quickly moved into the field as an outside sales rep selling 24×7 cybersecurity risk-management services to Fortune 1000 organizations. Lindsey excelled as a Territory Sales Manager, successfully closing a record $2.4 million quarter.

Building on these experiences, Lindsey moved into the CRM and MarTech software technology sector landing a competitive position on HubSpot’s Sales Team, helping companies implement inbound marketing and sales strategies to drive revenue goals. Lindsey differentiated her team’s approaches through novel, data-driven go-to-market activities and complementary messaging strategies.

As Return’s growth advisor, Lindsey combines team-oriented competitiveness, expansive hands-on experience with enterprise, cloud & service-based product offerings, and the skills that have made her an accomplished and trusted go-to-market partner throughout her career.

Terrance MacGregor
Technical Advisor

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Terry began his career at the National Security Agency (NSA), where he led special intelligence teams on missions in support the NSA’s counter-terrorism efforts, which  included the development of complex software that streamlined analytic processes needed to sift through huge amounts of data – tradecraft that helped analysts isolate key data points needed for high-stakes decision making.

Terry earned his undergraduate degree in computer science from the US Naval Academy and a master’s in computer science from Johns Hopkins University.

At Return, Terry is advising on the architecture of Return’s industry-first, sales intelligence solution designed for CRM-, performance- and AI/ML-driven content curation at the point of sale for the B2B enterprise.

Prior to Return, Terry’s 20+ year career as a computer scientist and software engineer has been focused on creating solutions for some of the most complex and mission-critical consumer and enterprise organizations in the world.

Steve Root
Board Advisor

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Steve Root is a consultant at Root Advisors and member of the board of directors at Datacratic. Prior to that, he served as a board member at OrderUp. He has also provided his services as the chief operating officer of Millennial Media from 2006 to 2013.

Steve holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University respectively.

He resides in Baltimore, Maryland, United States.

Return’s Mission and Core Values

Mission Statement

Creating intelligent data-driven solutions to maximize organizational collaboration and performance, focusing on how humans work and communicate in a digital age.


Everyone at Return is expected to go above and beyond in all aspects of their jobs and as humans. We can only deliver excellence if we bring it to our work every day, without exception.  We over-deliver in quality, communication and performance, and never settle for good enough. We will do whatever it takes to support our team, our customers, and our families. Everything we do, everything we create, and every interaction we have with others should be exceptional.


We know what doing the right thing means, and we expect it in our team members. Doing the right thing requires an emotional and intellectual maturity as well as possessing vast amounts of empathy – for each other, our customers, and ourselves. We understand what is expected of us, and we are responsible for the energy and excellence we bring to our work and our lives.

Humans First

We may be creating software, but more importantly we are creating solutions to make people’s lives better. That means everything we do needs to take into account that there is a human being on the other side of the screen, who is trying to solve problems. We will always strive to ensure our products and services successfully address the human problem in ways that provide compelling successes.


Better, Together.

We believe that when people feel respected and included they can be more creative, innovative, and successful. We know that great things don’t happen in vacuums or bubbles. Creating an inclusive workplace that promotes and celebrates diversity is integral to our success as a company, and is critical to the development of outstanding solutions that make people’s lives better.

Careers at Return

Return is growing rapidly and looking for the right people to join our team! We will have individual job listings up soon, but if you’d like to throw your hat into the ring now – go for it! We are actively looking for developers, designers, product leads, customer success managers, and revenue / sales leads. We are searching for intellectually curious, emotionally mature individuals who bring diverse backgrounds and experiences to the team. If you want to get in on the ground-floor of a startup that’s aiming high and focusing on quality and customer experience, drop us a line at

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