Enterprise sales is difficult. Return has created a collaborative platform that demystifies long sales cycles with specific insights that make success understandable, repeatable and scalable, in order to:

Close deals faster.

A simple to use platform, with serious power

Return was created to simplify and scale enterprise sales intelligence. The company's mission is to automate and scale B2B sales insights, enabling a smarter and faster enterprise.

Return has developed a platform that collects sales insights in 10 seconds or less through what the company calls “microconversions,” letting sellers get back to selling and keeping administrative tasks to a minimum.

Microconversions form the foundation of a powerful recommendation and indexing engine for your entire company. Automation decreases administrative tasks and allows sellers to learn from the enterprise-wide experience of their peers, so they can share relevant content quickly and confidently with their customers.

Turn Sales and Marketing into Revenue Teams

Empower your teams to track the success of content across deal stages and entire campaigns. Connect sales reps with others who have closed similar deals. Motivate marketing by involving them in the success of closing the deal.

Data Visualization and Tracking

Return gives you insights into how every piece of content is performing throughout the deal. Those insights can be easily replicated throughout your business.

Meet Your Users Where They Are

Return delivers deal-specific insights, updates and important developments directly to your sales teams’ inboxes. Teams can provide conversion feedback from their desktop computers and mobile devices.

“Can’t find stuff”


Only 29% of organizations re-use and re-purpose content

Yet 92% of organizations said they view content as a business asset

Source: Curata

Find and reuse valuable content wherever it is being published or stored, throughout your business.

Manage approved and decommissioned assets throughout your content ecosystem.

Scale campaigns by surfacing content that is performing well in different opportunities.

“Don’t have time”


Percentage of sellers not using the technology designed to help them close opportunities and generate revenue

Source: Hubspot

A fully integrated, user-friendly interface makes Return effortless to learn and use, for your entire team.

Return sends insights and recommendations directly to your sales team via their inbox.

Microconversions are captured in seconds via simple prompts, making it easy for salespeople to provide feedback.

“Sales is a black box”

For every $92 spent acquiring customers, only $1 is spent converting them

Source: Econsultancy

Spend more time optimizing and scaling successful campaigns for pinpoint targeting.

Integrate with your CRM to connect the right content to the right people, at the right time, during a sales engagement.

Increase profits and cut waste by maximizing existing content with customization and personalization.

See if Return is right for you.

A better experience for your teams, immediate savings for your
organization, and more informed audiences.